• Victoria Vega

    "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”— Bhagavad Gita Krishna. Victoria is a 200 Hour RYT, completing her Vinyasa training at Yoga Vida, NYC. She is also recently certified in Trauma-Informed Yoga through Exhale to Inhale. Victoria continues to be a student of yoga by consistently learning, reading, practicing and training in many areas of yoga. 


    First introduced to yoga in 2013 while studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, yoga began to hold a firm space in her life in 2016, during her hectic corporate life. After Victoria’s teaching career began, she soon realized she needed to continue to hold space for her own suppressed traumas. Practicing yoga daily has not only helped her understand her traumas, but consciously move through trauma. Mending trauma in every way is a constant journey that deserves a platform to feel safe and validated with cognizant attention and care. Victoria wishes to incorporate the science of trauma within the body, brain and mind in her healing spaces and teachings to be a resource for her students.


    Victoria's classes are both welcoming Trauma-Informed and alignment based, with supportive breath and verbal cues. She strives for her students to be present in the moment when they step onto their mat. It is important to listen to your body without judgement by meeting yourself where you are today. Her aim in every class is to soften/ restore from things and experiences holding attachment, combining healing movement with sensitive trauma-informed language. We are allowed to feel whatever comes up in the moment, process those emotions, and release in order to continue healing as we move forward in life. Victoria's goal is to provide a safe community for her students to feel supported as they work through healing trauma, coming back to center and quieting our busy minds with mindful movement, breathing and meditation. Flow with love.


  • Mary Lou Burkhardt


    You might find me… Soaking up nature with a good book, a fun wellness event or dancing in my living room.

     In my class you will… Move through a sweet Chakra based flow, challenge your mind + body and enjoy a sweet surrender..

     My vice: Lack of resourcefulness. Dr. Google is at your fingertips and I'm also here to guide you too! :).

    Training(s): 200 RYT Three Sisters Yoga, 25hr Ayurveda & BTL Laughing Lotus


  • Natalie Cosby


    You might find me… Chillin with family and friends! Traveling to somewhere that has a beach and sunshine or the dance floor

    In my class you will…let go of things that does not serve you! You may laugh, cry, chill or all of the above! Release it and see what’s possible!

     My vices: people watching lol, dark chocolate and all things dairy

    Training(s):  ArhantaYoga (India) 200Hr


  • Derric Harris

    You might find me SMILING while  dancing to house music,  trying out a new restaurant, thinking about my son or eating pancakes.
    In my class  the opportunity to move, sweat, challenge your physical self while exploring  your inner self will be offered....with a SMILE, of course.

  • Toya Williford



    You might find me… wandering the streets of Brooklyn looking for new places to eat and meet up with family and friends. I love exploring the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods of Brooklyn. I especially enjoy visiting Brighton Beach and Prospect Park because these outdoor places truly showcase the rich diversity of Brooklyn and her people.

     In my class you will… move through a thoughtful and creative sequence that combines strength-based postures with safe alignment and breath awareness. I like to start each month with a theme or a challenge pose so that we can explore various parts of the pose and experience how our bodies and mind open up as we move and breathe..

     My voice is full of life and joy. If you can't laugh and find time to play in the poses, then why roll out your mat? Come move, breathe and play with me!

    Training(s):  YogaWorks 500hr RYT, prenatal and restorative


  • Danielle Olivarez


    You might find me… practicing all over Brooklyn.

    In my class you will…pay special attention to syncing movement with breath, focusing on alignment-based Vinyasa and using props to help your move mindfully. Incorporating a mind-body connection in all my classes, we'll opens each practice with a self check-in and end with a soothing meditation. Arrive to flow, leave with more focus on your body and heart.
    My vice: Strawberry Haagen Das

    Training(s): 200 HR YogaWorks


  • Marielys Burgos MelĂ©ndez


    You might find me… at Brooklyn Library looking for my next treasure, reading a book at the park or at a coffee shop, contemplating the clouds, walking around just for curiosity, dancing wildly to dancehall music, bundled up when it's 60 degrees or below, practicing QiGong, planning my next trip...

    In my class you will… celebrate your distinctiveness and dive in deeper into what makes you unique. YEAHHHH!! I enjoy teaching subtle -slow- flows that allow us to discover micro details and movement tendencies or alignment habits. I believe that observing our patterns without judgement and contemplating the flux of our body/emotions allow us to embrace changeability as our only certainty in life. My classes are currently focusing on injury prevention under the affirmation that No PAIN is GAIN!!

     My vice: Traveling, Coffee, Philosophy, Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, Sun Bathing, Salsa and Dancehall Dancing, QiGong...

    Training(s): Hatha ,Yin Yoga, Reiki II, (Forthcoming: Prenatal)


  • Denice Ochola


    You might find me… shopping on Tompkins Ave, at the beach, wishing I were at the beach, any place with a DJ who loves Stevie Wonder as much as I do.

    In my class you will… be encouraged to take time to find your breath in every pose. Dancing is also highly encouraged.

     My vice: Coffee. Delicious, delicious coffee. And headstands.

    Training(s): 200 hour RYT



  • Jennifer Arrington


    You might find me… In New York in a random class somewhere trying something new like skating, swimming or practicing the ukulele.

     In my class you will… enjoy your practice with your own centered intention with a vinyasa flow. I exist to facilitate..

     My vice: red wine and a good novel if we are getting personal.

    Training(s): 200 HR RYT  at Sacred Brooklyn